Rebranding Zenfolio

Zenfolio is a portfolio website for photographers, an all-in-one solution to organize, display and sell their photography work online.


Past Branding

Brand Refresh

I proposed refreshing the companies look and feel by introducing a more vibrant and energetic color palette and simplifying the structure of all Zenfolio marketing materials. A striking orange background became a staple for all Zenfolio graphics, paired with a simple yet stunning hero shot that would show off Zenfolio's impressive product features.

Magazine Campaign

The new campaign showcases the four main Zenfolio products features: Portfolio, Galleries, Marketing and Selling. By separating each feature, more visual real estate was created to highlight Zenfolio's product capabilities. Ads were cycled between these four features depending on the publication's user base, creating a versatile yet informative creative campaign to help further establish Zenfolio as the leading photo hosting website for photographers.  

Marketing Emails

The brand refresh was applied to all Zenfolio emails. I designed several templates that were used for marketing and user emails as well as worked with the marketing team to create numerous promotional and sale emails.

Newsletter redesign

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