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Rebranding Zenfolio

Zenfolio is a portfolio website for photographers, an all-in-one solution to organize, display and sell their photography work online.


Past Branding

Brand Refresh

I proposed refreshing the companies look and feel by introducing a more vibrant and energetic color palette and simplifying the structure of all Zenfolio marketing materials. A striking orange background became a staple for all Zenfolio graphics, paired with a simple yet stunning hero shot that would show off Zenfolio's impressive product features.

Magazine Campaign

The new campaign showcases the four main Zenfolio products features: Portfolio, Galleries, Marketing and Selling. By separating each feature, more visual real estate was created to highlight Zenfolio's product capabilities. Ads were cycled between these four features depending on the publication's user base, creating a versatile yet informative creative campaign to help further establish Zenfolio as the leading photo hosting website for photographers.  

Marketing Emails

The brand refresh was applied to all Zenfolio emails. I designed several templates that were used for marketing and user emails as well as worked with the marketing team to create numerous promotional and sale emails.

Newsletter redesign

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Zenfolio E-book Redesign

Zenfolio's e-book offers tips, tricks, and best practices for creating a photography website. The project was a complete redesign of the current e-book.


My Solution

The previous e-book felt more like a user manual, not a book someone would actually want to read. My aim was to create a coffee table style type book, a book that didn't just feel like an overwhelming manual but presented the information in an experiential way. This was achieved by creating color coded chapters, where the intro section of a chapter is placed on vibrant color background and full bleed images. 

Sample Spreads

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Website Presets

Zenfolio offers a wide range of pre-designed website templates for photographers to use when creating their portfolio website. I created over two dozen website presets to help photographer's elegantly present their work online without having to actually code their website.



My designs focused on creating versatile portfolio website templates that could complement a photographer's current branding as well as be applied  to wide range of photography genres. I was in charge of determining layouts, fonts, colors, and styling of each template. 

I did not code these presets, the templates were created within Zenfolio's customization tool built by our developers.

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Photographer Central 

Photographer Central is a directory of professional photographers for hire. The website directory simplifies the search process so clients can quickly compare and find the right photographer to hire, and photographers can book more jobs.



It was very important to create an icon that represented photographers as well as the consumers ability to find photographers through Photographer Central. After many iterations and feedback from the client, the final solution utilizes a magnifying glass as a lens to the camera. By replacing the camera lens with a magnifying glass, the icon quickly communicates the idea of searching photographers. 

This logo was a collaboration amongst three designers. 

Secondary Web Pages

I was in charge of designing the layout and graphics of several secondary web pages for Photographer Central. The site's look and feel was already created, I had to implement this look and feel throughout the rest of the site.


Email Branding

I created several email templates to be used for Photographer Central marketing emails. After designing these templates, I worked with the Photographer Central marketing team on weekly emails ranging from sale to user education.


Trade show Booth 

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Magazine CampAign

Photographer Central  is a directory website of professional photographers for hire. 

I designed a magazine campaign for Photographer Central that showcases why Photographer Central is so different than other photography listing service. The ad highlights the stunning UI of the website, how consumers search photographers by browsing impressive photo strips of a photographer's best work.

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Attentive Discovery

In my Design course "Pattern, Form & Surface," our final project was to organize a visual compendium showcasing our course discoveries. I decided to present my study of an 
Air Particle Filter. 



I pursued countless methods of intervention to showcase the beauty I found in the filter's construction: studying how light interacts with the ridges and coils, deconstructing the filter into smaller sculptural pieces, and accentuating form through ink staining and stamping. But no matter how I intervened with the filter, I had to be perceptive to what was happening and how to translate 3D explorations to photographic 2D. 


Using the particle filter as a stamp yielded such abstract depictions compared to my photographic explorations that I found myself purely observing form and the impression the filter left behind rather than trying to compose “something.” I couldn’t plan how the filter would interact with the ink, but I could be attentive to the form it left behind and how to highlight this photographically. 

Front Cover

Opened Poster Book 

IndivIdual Spreads

Sample Photos

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Zenfolio Trade show Graphics

Zenfolio is an all-in-one solution to organize, display and sell your photography work online.

I designed various graphics for trade show events, ranging from booths to backlit panels. Designs focused on further establishing Zenfolio's brand refresh, applying the re-brand to all trade show materials.

Event Booth 

Backlit Panels

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Equipped to be Fit

Located in Sacramento, CA, Equipped To Be Fit is a fitness brand dedicated to helping clients achieve their fitness and weight loss goals.

I worked closely with the Equipped To Be Fit founder to create a logo that quickly communicates fitness in a fun and youthful way. Along with creating a logo for the brand, I developed business cards and T-shirts for the company.


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Greeting Cards

Zenfolio is not only a portfolio website for photographers, Zenfolio is an e-commerce platform where photographers can sell their work online. Zenfolio offers an extensive catalog of products photographers can sell on their website. 

I designed dozens of greeting cards Zenfolio added to their collection of products photographer's could sell directly from their site. Designs ranged from holiday cards to engagement and anniversary cards. 

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