Photographer Central 

Photographer Central is a directory of professional photographers for hire. The website directory simplifies the search process so clients can quickly compare and find the right photographer to hire, and photographers can book more jobs.



It was very important to create an icon that represented photographers as well as the consumers ability to find photographers through Photographer Central. After many iterations and feedback from the client, the final solution utilizes a magnifying glass as a lens to the camera. By replacing the camera lens with a magnifying glass, the icon quickly communicates the idea of searching photographers. 

This logo was a collaboration amongst three designers. 

Secondary Web Pages

I was in charge of designing the layout and graphics of several secondary web pages for Photographer Central. The site's look and feel was already created, I had to implement this look and feel throughout the rest of the site.


Email Branding

I created several email templates to be used for Photographer Central marketing emails. After designing these templates, I worked with the Photographer Central marketing team on weekly emails ranging from sale to user education.


Trade show Booth 

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