Kayla Case • Graphic Designer
Kayla Case



Illustrating an interactive tool to communicate functions of a school



At Seventy Agency, we worked with a Swedish group of independent schools, Kunskapskolan, to help better communicate the core of how the school’s education really works. Due to their unique educational approach, a person unfamiliar with Kunskapskolan may have difficulty understanding their methods & tools compared to traditional schools in Sweden.

Main goal: Create a visual tool to aid both teachers & principals in conveying Kunskapskolan’s idea to outsiders, as well as aid student’s & their parents in understanding the core of the school’s education.

The concept: An interactive visualization of how Kunskapskolan’s education is built up of many parts, how these parts all have a specific function in the school’s education. Showcasing the school’s core components & how these components are made up of several tools.

My role: Designer responsible for bringing the concept to life, illustrating key visual & designing a booklet. Team consisted of one Designer, an Art Director, Strategist and a Motion Designer.


The problem: creating an illustration that can break apart into three smaller illustrations

The task seemed like illustrating a puzzle, puzzling together a main illustration that can represent the school on its own but at the same time, a main illustration that can be broken apart to become 3 smaller illustrations. These smaller illustrations representing the 3 main components of Kunskapskolan. Below is an overview of the three levels of required illustrations:


Began with quick sketches to explore what symbols could possibly represent the school in the Level 1 illustration & what symbols to represent their three main components in Level 2.


Iterating potential symbols & whether symbols should be abstract vs. concrete

Translating sketches into quick digital explorations, we further refined potential symbols to represent Kunskapskolan’s education as a whole, as well as what symbols represent the three main components of their education. Should these be abstract symbol or more easily identifiable concrete symbols?

Screenshot 2019-01-13 at 15.29.29.png

From the above explorations, presenting two creative tracks to the client

To align upon where to refine & develop our illustrations further, we presented the client with two possible areas of exploration: abstract vs. concrete symbol solutions.

KS_grundskola_illustrations_options_Artboard 5 copy 3.jpg

Concrete symbols chosen as most effective means of communication

When reviewing abstract vs. concrete illustrative styles, adhering to our initial goal of helping better communicating the schools unique functions became key. Concrete symbols help aid discussions about the school’s components & are more easily remembered by someone unfamiliar with the school.

A tree as a symbol for the overall learning at Kunskapskolan, the tree of knowledge. This tree in turn is made up of the school’s 3 main components Teaching, Goal-setting mentorships, Environment.