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Kayla Case

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Illustrating an interactive tool to help communicate functions of a school


At Seventy Agency, we were approached by a Swedish group of independent schools, Kunskapskolan, to help better communicate the core of how the school’s education.

Due to their unique educational approach, a person unfamiliar with Kunskapskolan may have difficulty understanding their methods & tools compared to standard schools in Sweden.

Main goal: Create a visual tool to aid both teachers & principals in conveying Kunskapskolan’s idea to outsiders, as well as aid student’s & their parents in understanding the core of the school’s education.

The concept: An interactive graphic visualization of how Kunskapskolan is is built up by different methods that in turn are built up by different tools. Many pieces make the greater whole, each piece has a specific function.

My role: Designer responsible for bringing the concept to life, working closely with the Art Director to explore whether this “pieces make up a whole” concept should be concrete & recognizable illustrations, or abstract forms? What symbolizes education?


The problem: how to create one main illustration that breaks down into three smaller illustrations

The task seemed like designing a puzzle, how to make all these pieces & functions of Kunsskapskolan into 1 main illustration and 3 smaller illustrations.


Looking into future scenarios, what will travel look like in 2030?

Future scenarios allowed us to think beyond current problems within travel, & instead tap into future obstacles and possibilities. This enabled us to brainstorm around a more sustainable solution, instead of simply an immediate fix.


Identifying a user’s potential pain & gain points in booking travel

A puzzle piece
Graphic visualization of how the Knowledge School's whole is built up by different methods that in turn are built up by different tools. • The methods are described and visualized in a concrete and recognizable way way, and broken down into tools unique to Kunskapsskolan.

The methods are described and visualized in a concrete and recognizable ways, and broken down into tools unique to Kunskapsskolan.

Illustrates the core of the education and let the user interact to move on. Various figures made up of smaller building blocks are broken out of the symbol. Clicking on a figure will make it more prominentand broken up into smaller symbols, which represent the tools. Clicking on a tool pops up a popup with more information.


Getting to know the user, understanding user needs within travel

To be able to identify any gaps within travel, user research was crucial to better understand what travelers. Posing unbiased questions to users in surveys & interviews, careful to probe discussions further without adding our own interpretations into the conversation.


“If you try & think back on the last time your planned to go on a vacation, what made you interested in that location? Walk me through how you chose this destination?”

— Sample interview question


Analyzing & identifying reoccurring themes in user responses

Using Trello as collaborative tool amongst the team to anaylze our interview responses, we categorized each user by color and name. Then, adding in quotes from each each interviewee. From here, we were able to identify reoccurring themes amongst responses. These themes became the building blocks for our brainstorming sessions & heavily influenced our final travel concept.


Extracting these reoccurring themes to share with client

Plotting our insights on an Empathy Map & User vs. Business needs matrix helped us guide the client in our decision making process & why we reached this travel concept.


Using key insights from interviews & research as inspiration for low fidelity prototypes

Gathering all insights from our user research, market research & future forecasting, we moved into low fidelity prototypes to rapidly iterate our ideas as well as quickly conduct user tests. Learnings from these sessions, influenced our high fidelity digital prototypes.


“The students exceeded our expectations on both points of focus from the brief….

They provided us with a prototype that felt both relevant yet different from anything available on the market today. The reasoning and research behind the proposed concept were well done and thorough The group also provided us with suggestions on some concrete next steps including potential M&A targets. The positive attitude and high energy of the group had a positive impact on many in our organisation and highlighted the advantages of the user first process.”
— CLIENT FEEDBACK, from their Head of Strategy

To see final concept, prototypes & our launch plan…

Let’s set up an interview, would love to share the entire project & where our new travel venture landed.