Attentive Discovery

In my Design course "Pattern, Form & Surface," our final project was to organize a visual compendium showcasing our course discoveries. I decided to present my study of an 
Air Particle Filter. 



I pursued countless methods of intervention to showcase the beauty I found in the filter's construction: studying how light interacts with the ridges and coils, deconstructing the filter into smaller sculptural pieces, and accentuating form through ink staining and stamping. But no matter how I intervened with the filter, I had to be perceptive to what was happening and how to translate 3D explorations to photographic 2D. 


Using the particle filter as a stamp yielded such abstract depictions compared to my photographic explorations that I found myself purely observing form and the impression the filter left behind rather than trying to compose “something.” I couldn’t plan how the filter would interact with the ink, but I could be attentive to the form it left behind and how to highlight this photographically. 

Front Cover

Opened Poster Book 

IndivIdual Spreads

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